Music in My Pockets with Jeff Warner

A New Hampshire Humanities presentation. Jeff Warner will discuss, perform and teach the audience how to play traditional 19th-century singing games, playground rhymes and tunes accompanied by “pocket instruments” like spoons, bones, Jew’s harp and dancing puppets. We will catch a glimpse of what it was like for late 19th century New England families to gather around the kitchen hearth and participate in timeless entertainment before the dawn of electricity.

Jeff Warner connects 21st-century audiences with the music and everyday lives of 19th-century people. He presents musical traditions from the Outer Banks fishing villages of North Carolina to the lumber camps of the Adirondack Mountains and the whaling ports of New England. Warner accompanies his songs on concertina, banjo, guitar and several “pocket instruments,” such as bones and Jew’s harp. Warner is a Folklorist and Community Scholar for the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and was a 2007 State Arts Council Fellow. He has toured nationally for the Smithsonian Institution and has recorded for Flying Fish/Rounder Records and other labels.

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